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National Nanny Appreciation Week

Updated: May 31, 2019

Yesterday ended National Nanny Appreciation week! I have been a nanny for a few years. Working with children has me excited to have my own children one day if God see's fit! Living in Nashville has introduced me to a wonderful group of women who I've come to get to know over the past few years. This group of women have inspired my creativity, love, and appreciation everyday! When working with children, you learn something new everyday. You realize that children are all different, but all crave love. I've realized, after working in this field, that your nanny family feels like an extension of your own family. It really has warmed my heart to see how some of the nanny families have embraced their nanny throughout this week!

I feel all nannies deserve to feel appreciated everyday, but what's more fun than having a week dedicated to us. With my nanny job this year, I have had a lighter load than I normally do. This has led to me wanting to give back to my nanny friends. Two weeks ago, I reached out to my fellow nanny friends to nominate a nanny to receive a nanny happy this past week. I was overjoyed to see people participate. One of my favorite things to do is to give people simple little things to let them know they are appreciated. In these care packages, I provided a hand sanitizer, hair tie, pen, handmade card from my nanny kids, a handwritten card by me with why they were nominated, and one personal gift for each nanny that was nominated. The personal gifts ranged from handmade decorating pieces to adult coloring books and even cat decor. A lot of the items I found at my favorite store Vinnie & Louise and some other various stores.

Overall, this week has made me love what I do even more. To end our fabulous week, a group of the nannies met up at the Pancake Pantry for lunch. Six adults and eight kids sure makes for a fun breakfast!

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