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White is the New Orange

I don't know about you, but I am loving the whole white and gold theme going around! I am obsessed with color, but I feel that white and gold are a good place to start. This year, instead of doing all orange, purple, and black, I have changed my Halloween colors to white, black, and gold. So, my first step of course is how can I be in on the trend without having to pay for it. I decided to head to Micheal's. Micheal's has a 50% off sale on Halloween things right now. I purchased a white craft pumpkin. This way I wont have to worry about the smell of a real pumpkin after it rots, and this also gives me a decoration for the years to come! So I came home, and got to work. Here is the simple part, all you have to do is draw your jack-o-lantern face on with a pencil. You can draw it how ever you would like. Then use the pumpkin carvers, just like the ones you would use for a real pumpkin. That's it! I also got twinkle lights that were also on sale at Micheal's. I stuffed them inside. I also panted the stem gold! I'm in love and I want everyone to know! This total project cost me under $20 dollars and will last years to come! I hope you try this craft, and if you do don't forget to tag me on Instagram using #thesimplelifeoftrisha.

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