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A Baby Shower So Cute You Can BEAR(LY) Stand It

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Get what I did there with the title? Sometimes, well actually most of the time, I make myself laugh out loud! It could also be the time change and feeling extra tired. I don't know about y'all, but this getting dark at 5 o'clock is something I will never get used too. I feel like I should be going to bed shortly after the sun goes down. Anyways, this past weekend my sister-in-law and I hosted a shower for my sister. My sister is the type of person who is super laid back to the point where you can't really tell if she is excited or just going with the flow of life. Don't get me wrong, she gets excited but when it comes to events, she HATES the process it takes to get to the event. On the other hand you have my sister-in-law and I who love all the details, planning, and showering our loved ones. This Shower was held this past weekend. It turned out just the way we wanted it too, and here is a look into the fun!

This is the welcome table as you approach the room! We had this beautiful sign made from an Etsy shop.

This sign is explaining one of the games we played at the shower. I think when it comes to baby shower games, the more simple the better! I used clothespins from Michael's and wrote "baby" on them. That way everyone could remember not to say that one word. Remember those small succulents that were in the gold pumpkins? I re-purposed them into small pots to decorate with. Then, there is this cute onezie that matches all of ours!

This cute little onezie is made by Custom Designs by Meredith. She is absolutely amazing! This was my first time using her, but it will surely not be my last!

Here is the room we used for the shower. It was just the perfect size! This room is the rent-able space within our apartment complex. We have used this room for almost anything we host and will continue to do so.

Lets move on to the food table! We tried to keep it simple due to the shower being in the middle of lunch and dinner. We just had a few snacks.

At the start of the table we had "logs", sandwich logs to be exact. We had a mixture of ham and turkey. The placement cards I found was on sale at Target. We also got these really cute bear napkins from Oh Happy Day to go with our bear theme. The green garland is made from felt, and I got that idea from another blogger. I use the garland for everything!

Hiding in the back are the fruit cups. My main thing was to make the food table have easy things to grab and go. These fruit cups are topped with fruit dip and a mini fork for easy eating! Then, the beautiful dip in the front is another smore goodness. This is a Pinterest favorite with my husband and his family! We like to make it and sit around the table and dip away with graham crackers. Smores dip is just a fast and easy way to enjoy the fall weather. Sticking out is a very beautiful gold serving spoon I found at target, and will use for almost everything I can! If you want to find the spoon head on over to shopping and look under "my home".

Here in the front we have another grab and go cup. These are just veggies I cut up and I also put a little bit of veggie dip in the bottom.

Now, these biscuits, just looking at them makes my mouth water! I love these big beautiful biscuits! These biscuits are from Tupelo Honey Cafe. I don't know if you have been there before, but we have one down the road and its so hard to go and not eat at least two of these.

Lastly, on the food table, we had the most delicious treats! Not only are these super cute, but they tasted amazing! I love when I can talk to a person and give them an idea and they run with it! She truly is awesome with what she does!

These Treats were made by: TheBrownEyedBaker

Here we have the drink center. We ordered wood themed straws from amazon and kept it simple with a clear cup. We served only two drinks. We served a fruit tea. This fruit tea recipe is a staple at our church that we attend. Even though our church has grown in size since I was a little girl, this recipe is still being used for everything! Then we also provided water!

This is were we sat my sister to open her gifts! I brought the blue chair from my place and draped a three dollar target blanket over it. In front of the chair, on the table, you will find a wood sign I made. Then, in the back on the TV stand, you can see my favorite light sign with my nephew to be's name on it!

This was the second game you could participate in if you wanted to. In a mason jar, we stuffed it high with gummy cubs, and had everyone guess how many were in the jar! Yes, they are really called gummy cubs! I just thought they were so cute and what an easy guessing game. My mother ended up winning! We were all very surprised because she was only off by 10. The final count was 350 cubs.

These three pictures showcase the end of the shower. This was the Trail mix bar. This was were you could fill your own bag with a mix of whatever you like in your trail mix. I had leftover bags from my candy bar from my wedding, so I re-purposed them by embossing them with a gold bear, and providing buffalo plaid tape to close the bags.

Overall, my sister-in-law and I had so much fun planning this shower, and seeing it all come together was just awesome. Thank you to all the wonderful companies that helped make this shower what it was and all the hands that helped carry things over and back. We are all just so "beary" excited to meet Wyatt!



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