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Adventure to the Falls

Photo Credit: Jennifer Glenn

Most of the people I know are rejoicing over the cool weather that is just now starting to come around in Tennessee. I, on the other hand, LOVE the warm weather. I like fall to a point, because during the day it is perfect. There is a nice breeze and comfortable weather. Then, night hits and you can find me curled up in a blanket. I'm sure by this you can tell I don't even want to talk about winter. I like to say this is all because I was born in Hawaii. I am supposed to be in the warm climate.

Photo Credit: Brett Fromhold

Fall really is beautiful though! I will say, I have never been a big big fan of fall colors, but after this trip I got to stop and look around for once and realize how beautiful it is. I have been so overwhelmed lately by all the politics. I just hurt inside knowing how much hate is going on in the world. I was taught to just love everyone and live MY life the way I feel the Lord has called me to live. That is why I stopped reading all the hateful posts and just got out and lived this weekend.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Glenn

This trip was spur of the moment! I know you are like.. what, Trisha, you just decided to do something on a whim. Yes, I sure did. I am normally a planner. I love to write things down and plan for everything and anything. This was not the case. My friend Jennifer texted me Saturday night and said "want to go hiking?". I said, without hesitation, that sounds awesome! So, after that I did plan a little like what I would pack and what type of clothes do I have that would be good for hiking. My husbands job changes quite a bit sometimes. He recently started working new hours and now works on Sundays. I felt like it would be good to get out and not sit at home and stare into my child's eyes all day, and by child I mean my dog child Paisley.

Photo credit: Brett Fromhold

Sunday rolled around and I decided to take advantage of my free morning and watch church on my little baby TV in our bedroom and plan themes for some events that are coming up! Then, I proceeded to get ready to go hiking. We really did not chose which waterfall we were going to go to, so we just planned to meet at Starbucks at noon. At Starbucks, we piled up and got in the car with our friend Brett. I suggest going hiking with someone who is familiar with the outdoors or someone who is good at staying calm in cases of emergencies. I am neither. On our way out we decided to head to Cummins Falls State Park.

Cummins falls state park is located 9 miles up from Cookeville. This trip was about an hour and half drive there. It felt like nothing because we all had so much to catch up on. We also listened to the Titans game and heard they had a great win. YAY. This was our first time going to Cummins Falls, but we have had plenty of friends who have gone before. We were all very excited and jumped out of the car and started on our way. We decided to take the route to the look out first. Here you could look down into the gorge. That was only about half a mile from where we parked. Then we took the walk down to the gorge which was about a mile or so. It was pretty easy following the path until we actually got down to the bottom. At the bottom it is really rocky, and had water in some spots. It was fun because you sort of had to map out which way you would take so you did not get your shoes soaking wet. This is where Jenn came in handy. She just goes for it, but as for Brett and I we liked to test the rock before stepping on it. I also am a big clutz and did not want any of the camera gear to end up getting wet, which meant that I was extra careful and took it easy. Anyways, It was just a fun adventure and the end result was the water fall. This water fall is beautiful and when you go through the pictures you will see Brett took such a wonderful picture of the falls. All I wanted to do was just sit there all day and listen to the water and just forget about everything! Nature is just a wonderful thing that I overlook at times. After relaxing and enjoying the scenery we realized it was getting dark and we needed to start heading back. Our excitement faded a little once we looked up at the steps we took coming down and realized going back up them will not be much fun, but we did it and we only stopped once to check out the light coming through the trees :)! We sure enjoyed ourselves on such a wonderful day! I cannot wait for our next adventure . This one had me headed straight for the bed and led me to have a wonder(FULL) nights rest!



Here is just a Short Clip that Jennifer Glenn made! ENJOY!

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