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Made South 2016

Updated: May 31, 2019

I love finding new and unique small or local businesses. My husband and I adore going and exploring all things Nashville. Made South is unique because not only do they have Nashville vendors, but they also branch out to all southern market places. These are a couple of my finds from Made South, but they really have so much I could have gone home with. I just could not afford to take something from each booth.

1. The Nashville Coloring Book: This is a coloring book showing all the fun places to go and see here in Nashville. I think coloring is fun for all ages. This is a hobby a few of my family members enjoy. The exciting thing about this coloring book is that it is designed by the creative minds behind Made South.

2.Crew LaLa: Crew LaLa specializes in dapper dog collars, gentleman's bow tie collars, belle bow girl collars, and leashes. They are based out South Carolina. I have quite a few belle bows for my dog Paisley. I just had to add another. I love a good bow and the fact that this company makes them look so cute and girly, I love and have not seen anything else like them!

3.SYP Coffee: This is a new company out of Brentwood, Tennessee. They specialize in door delivered packages. I am a sucker for door delivered goods. If you wanted to send a friend a little happy and they love coffee, whats a better way than with SYP. Not only will you get delicious tasting coffee, you also get a spiced sugar as well.

4. RogersMade: This company is based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. They are a husband and wife company of artisan goods. My husband and I fell in love with their candles. We both are candle people. I could have one burning in every room and each would be a different scent. This is why their candles spoke to me, so I left with three different smells and styles of candle. I love them all very much, but if it was up to my husband he would choose the wood wick burning pecan pie.

5: Dear Mushka: This is a company out of Nashville. I love how this company is using jewelry to start a conversation. Each piece of jewelry comes with a Bible verse. Not only do I love what this company represents, but I also love that the jewelry is just so beautiful!

6. Dwell Evermore: Is a company of encouragement and scripture. I picked out a large pack of neutral scriptures. I loved both color pallets, but the neutral color theme really spoke to me. I love how I could pick one up and frame it or hang a couple together on a string, or even give them as gifts as I feel lead.

Like I said, these are only a few things I found at the Made South event. My husband and I truly loved going and listening to the wonderful music and finding all sorts of awesome goodies. We also loved all the samples of food and drinks. We cannot wait till the next Made South event!


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