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DIY Ornaments

So, I think I am crafty... but I really am not! I get some ideas in my head, and then think I definitely have no time to do that so I forget! Then you have a best friend who makes this adorable cute hostess gift for me and I think omg you are perfect and so crafty and amazing! I then realize, hey.. remember those ornaments you bought for the craft for last years Christmas party? Well, lets use them and oh remember those little trees you bought in the $3 bin at Target, lets use those and make some adorable gift toppers/ornaments! Don't you love a good multi-functional gift? I do! These are so stinkin' easy and so cute! I just cant even get over it! Who wants one, because I can't stop won't stop making these for everyone.. Sunday school teacher, school teacher, neighbor, mom, dad, sister, brother, your cashier at the grocery store, you name it, they are getting one of these for sure!

Here's what you need:

* Mini trees

* Hot glue or super glue

* Fake snow

* Plastic ornaments or glass

* Gold or silver sharpie

* Festive slim ribbon

Here's what you do:

Open the ornament. Then glue the bottom of the tree. Then hold the top of the tree and push it through the opening of the ornament, and carefully drop it in. This is were you want to make sure it goes in straight. After you let the glue dry. You can funnel in the snow and close it up. Then, use your sharpie to write what ever you want on it. From a family's last name to "Oh Christmas Tree", or just Merry Christmas! Then tie the ribbon on and that's it. So simple and easy! Don't forget if you try it out, share it with me I would love to see it! #thesimplelifeoftrisha





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