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Let's Party

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Who does not love a good party? Since I was in high school, I have thrown a Christmas party! This started out as an all girls thing where we did a panty swap, then it advanced to real gifts. One year we even added an outing to go look at the lights at the Grand Ole Opry Hotel. Now it is a wide variety of people. We now invite our spouses. I love Christmas, so being able to celebrate with all my friends and knowing they are enjoying themselves is truly an awesome thing. Traditions are a big thing for me. My family is so laid back and I love that about them, but I am once again a planner and love the regular pattern traditions bring. This is just one way of showing how much I love it.

This Christmas party was our 8th annual pary. I feel so blessed to have friends that still want to show up and to celebrate the holidays together. I even have a life long friend who makes this her big outing once a year and pretty much talks about it all year round. This year we had people from my husbands work, life long friends, high school friends, college friends, people I used to dance with, family, and even some people we have just become friends with over the years. This being said, I always get so stressed out trying to make sure everyone is having a fun time that I sometimes forget to have a good time myself. I hope I'm not alone on this. Don't get me wrong I had a great time, but it is sometimes hard balancing the different mix of people.

This is were games come in handy. Games are something I normally never forget. With other events that have been going on, I kind of put the Christmas party on the back burner. Games were totally not on this year, so I will talk about past parties and things we would play. We have played heads up, or Christmas Scattegories, or even holiday minute to win it games! Games are a great way to get all the different people laughing and mingling together. It is also a great way for me to get to enjoy everyone at once. Note for next year: have games and lots of games and maybe even bring back the Christmas pj party. I think we have a plan a whole year in advance! Score!

I did start a little later this year, and I'm so happy I did. I provided three different types of flat breads for people to eat. I also made a delicious dip that one of my really great friends mom told me about, and I literally take it everywhere! I even had a request to bring it to an event the following weekend! (I will post the recipe soon)! I also had The Brown Eyed Baker whip up some cookies again! I just can't get enough of the amazingly cute cookies! She is truly talented! Then, I finished up the party with a white Christmas sangria! I made four batches and they were all gone before I knew it! This stuff is so tasty! We also have a photo booth that is always a big hit at the party. I have been so lucky to have friends who love helping with that. This year my friend Sarahbeth decided to accept the challenge, and I think she did a great job! We also got great shots by the Christmas tree in the Cadence Cool Springs club house! I will say I sure had fun being around people I care about and enjoyed the chance to dress up and act like an adult for the night!





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