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The Gift of Traditions

Traditions, traditions, traditions, especially around the holiday season. This year I was waiting around for a package to arrive from my Grandma. My Grandma had informed me that she was sending me a package for all of her grandchildren to enjoy. I was thinking maybe a handmade ornament or something delicious to eat, or even a small Christmas happy. I was not expecting what ended up being in the box. I was not notified that our package had arrived and that I needed to pick it up at the office till early Christmas eve. I was excited no matter what was going to be found in the package. Once I opened it up, I found three beautifully made card holders.

These card holders make up my childhood. As far back as I can remember, my parents had hung the Santa card holder up on the door to our hall closet. This is were you would find all the heart warming Christmas cards! I have always enjoyed coming home from school to see what new cards we had in the Santa card holder! When I was younger, I found the Santa card holder a little creepy because the eyes were so big and round, but as I grew older I realized what a special and cute symbol it was. I now appreciate all the hard work my grandma put into making it.

This Thanksgiving we had gone up to Kentucky to visit my grandma and I remember mentioning how much I love that Santa card holder and how I so wish I had one or could just borrow my parents ;). I guess my grandma overhead me and as I went to open that package up on Christmas Eve, I just teared up with joy and excitement. I could not believe how blessed I was to have such a thoughtful and caring Grandma. My Grandma had just whipped up these for us after overhearing me talk about it at Thanksgiving. I was overjoyed for the fact that I could make memories with my own Santa card holder. For when Garrett and I have children, we can share that tradition with them and tell them how much their great Grandma loves us and how creative and special she is to us all. I sure hope you all have wonderful traditions that you share with love ones over this very special day! I pray that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and if you have not started any traditions yet, do not fret there is never a better time than the present!



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