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Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple

Party planning is so much fun! I enjoy gatherings of any size very much! That being said, whenever someone gives me a reason to throw a party I do it. We got to celebrate a dear dear friend of mine, Jennifer. This presh friend of mine decided Nashville was just not big enough for her anymore, and that she needed to move to a bigger city! I am so proud of her, but boy will I miss her here. So as you can tell from the title, she wanted to head up north to New York!

So the theme of this party was the Big Apple! My brain just took off and I knew it had to be a New York themed and I could not contain my excitement to start!

When you think of New York what is the first thing that pops in your head? Mine was broadway plays... so lets say the second thing... street food! New York is an on the go city, and its only fitting to eat on the go also. That is why my first and most important part of this party was the street food! I decided we would have hot dogs, pizza, pretzels, and popcorn. These are a must grab and go.

For the popcorn containers, I found them at Michaels. The white contrast was just what I needed with all the busyness of the other colors. The hotdogs and and pretzels were wrapped up in parchment paper.! I did provide plates if anyone wanted to just pick up all three options!

Then, I thought about the colors I would use.. taxis popped in my head... I immediately new the colors would be yellow and black! From that I decided that the Photo Booth would have these colors. I decided to free hand a cardboard taxi cutout as a prop. Then I took a roll of black butcher paper and drew some buildings and tried to pull up pictures of distinctive buildings in the New York skyline.

I also made some cupcakes with yellow sugar sprinkles. I loved how it all came together. The road map was fun to use just as a table cloth so at the end of the party the clean up was fast and easy. I used another map and cut it up to make the flag toothpicks, which I thought was just a cute way to jazz up the simple yellow cupcakes!

I bought some round printable stickers, and wrote "I heart NYC" and stuck them on the apples!

The party also had a table set aside for letters to Jenn. Being in a new city and being without all your girlfriends can be hard for anyone. That being said I thought it might be nice if we all wrote her a little letter. I mean who does not love to get fun letters in the mail? I know I do! Anything that is addressed to me and is not bills bills bills I'm all about! Send me whatever you would like! I collected all the letters after the party and have been sending her a letter every now and then.

We sure are going to miss having this sweet friend here in Music City but cant wait to visit her in the Big Apple!

Xoxo, Trisha

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