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2017 Gift Guide for Her

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

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1) Soft Leggings - Free people is my favorite! I am all about being comfortable, and these are cute and comfy. Having these I can use them to lounge around, and use my workout pants for working out well… maybe ill just do more lounging :)!

2) White Marble Tumbler - S'well bottles are my favorite. Like I said during the guide for him. My husband and I use our swell bottles to take water with us everyday to work. Now I can use this stylish tumbler to carry my coffee, too!

3) Kaden Mule - I am digging the mule with furrrr fur-real! <— see what I did there. I love me a good leopard flat, and now I can wear the print in the cooler weather and actually keep my toes warm!

4) Packing Cubes - I love traveling.. even though I stress out thinking about packing. These packing cubes are pretty, and may actually keep me from stressing out as much… maybe.

5) Match Stix Trio - Ok, even if your are not a Rhianna fan, this girl knows how to make some makeup. I love this set so so much! It is so light on your face and gives your face a great glow!

6) Organic Spa Robe - Robes never get old. I have always wanted a spa robe. The best day for me would be a day I could stay in my robe and pjs all day! (It’s the small things in life)

7) L. Erickson Sport Ponytail Holders - I went to the beach one time, and found these amazing cotton hair ties. I only have one left, because I lost the others. I literally have not found anything that comes close to them. Till now, these are as close as I can find! You need to try them!

8) Silk Bow Barrette - I am that girl! I love a good hair bow. Even in my 20 somethings I still love them. This one seems to be appropriate… right!

9) Mabel Journal - Writing everything down helps me to remember and sometimes I just enjoy doodling. This note book is beautiful. Even if I had nothing to write I would find something just so I could use it.

10) Tirhas Backpack - This company is a local favorite. This backpack is gorgeous and could become your everyday bag. Am I right?

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