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Gift Guide for Him

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

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2) Herschel Supply Co. Duffel Bag - Herschel Supple Co. is by far one of my new favorite brands. Their products hold up so well, and have a simple yet fun look to them. Garrett loves duffel bags when packing for short or long trips. This will give him years of durable travel.

3) Onyx Traveler | S'well Bottle - Oh how we love S'well bottles. My husband and I take our bottles to work with us everyday! Now they have these extra wide tops making it easier than ever to travel with coffee or a hot beverage as well.

4) 1901 Horton Chelsea Boot - These boots pair great with any style of pants. They also are comfortable enough for your man to wear them all day long.

5) Surge Jogger - Garrett loves him some Lululemon, but especially loves their abc pants. That is why this year he is loving the abc joggers and plans on wearing them to work as much as he wears his other pairs.

6) Apple TV 4K - Who does not need a new Apple TV. We are guilty of watching more T.V. in our bedroom than actually in the living room like normal people, but with a Apple TV in both locations makes it easy for us to binge watch all our shows in both locations.

7) Club Jersey Long Sleeve Tee - Bonobo’s will quickly become your favorite brand. We have a store close to us that we can go in and try on everything, and then order it and get it shipped straight to our door! We love them, and these amazingly soft long sleeve basics.

8) Seafood Green Floral Bowtie - Remember our favorite bowtie company here in Nashville? Well Now they have a sister company that our dear friends Karen and her brother work on. This bowtie is a must! It is beautiful fabric and is silky soft. Look no further.

9) Patagonia Reversible Bivy Down Vest - A reversible vest that he can wear everywhere! Who does not like a good vest that actually keeps you warm.

10)Huarache Run Ultra Sneaker - Nike shoes are still one of my favorite sneakers, and these are seriously the most comfortable shoes. How do I know you ask.. well I have them in the women’s version

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