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Gift Guide for the Home

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

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1) Capri Blue Volcano Candle - For us in our home we have this candle in every style. We have bar soap, lotion, and every shape of candle. Liking this candle would be an understatement.

2) Ruthie Velvet Floor Pillow - I sometimes just enjoying laying on the floor when we have lots of people over. These fun floor pillows allow me to still be comfortable while doing so.

3) Marble 4x6 Picture Frame - Pictures are my favorite home decor. Pictures make a house feel like home.

4) Urban Candle Amber + Smoke - Whenever we take a break from Capri’s volcano candles, we burn these! How fun is this one… after your down burning it you can use the container as a vase. I love when you have multipurpose things!

5) Glass Jug Vase - Speaking of vases, these amazing green vases are so fun and that fact that Joeanna designed these are they are at my favorite store… target! That is a win win.

6) Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation - Being in our new home, we have thought about adding a nest to our home. I love the simple look it has to it.

7) Annie Moffat Wall Art Prints - Minted has a great array of options when it comes to prints or art. I love this print. Our walls are pretty bare, and having more art would help fill our space.

8) Echo Spot - This is the amazon Echo Spot. This can be your new and improved clock. My first thought in the morning is, what is the weather like for the day? Now, even before I open my eyes, I can ask Alexa about it.

9) Acrylic Tray - Acrylic is by far the easiest piece you can add to any space. Add this to your coffee or book shelf.

10) Brecklyn Candle Holder - Joanna does it again. I Love these candle sticks. They are simple yet so pretty. If you want to add some dimensions to them, add a book or two under one to make levels.

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