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Chicago - Young, Scrappy, and Hungry

I love traveling, even if its a short weekend trip! This particular trip was short but so so sweet! We hopped on a plane, and flew to Chicago! I have only been to Chicago once before with one of my best friends, Lauren. We went for a spring break trip or should I say cold cold break trip! Even with the coldness, we managed to have an amazing time! I did not think anything could top my first trip to Chicago.

Then, one night, we were watching the Tony's. We heard that right after the awards, you could try to get tickets to the oh so very popular play Hamilton in Chicago. We were on it and so excited! I had first shown an interest after they did a live showing of the opening act during the Tony awards a couple of years ago. I had also heard amazing things from our cousin Kyle, who also shares a love for theatre. We ended up snagging tickets for January.

Now, if anyone knows me they know that the cold and I just do not seem to mesh well. I am supposed to be by the water in a tropical place, hence the place I was born, Hawaii! I started to worry about the weather. I knew Chicago in the winter is not particularly pleasant. So, I hit up Pinterest to find out what it told me to pack. Packing is not my thing! I tend to over think things. Yes, I know me, I can over think. I like to plan out each outfit and always have back up outfits to each of those outfits. I tends to be hard and long work. Hence why I end up not finishing packing till right after midnight, and even then that is before my husband puts everything into the suitcase for me #Blessed. So, I tried to pack light since it was just a weekend trip. As you know, it's hard to pack light when one, you are going to a cold climate location, and two you are me! So, lets get to the trip!

We arrived in Chi-town around lunch time Friday afternoon. We stayed right across the street from the theatre at the most beautiful Palmer House. Once we got checked in, we headed straight to lunch. The first stop was one of our favorite chicken places called Nando's Peri Peri.

Then starts the tourist things...

Garrett and Garrett popcorn! I mean whats more perfect! We love popcorn, and our favorite it the classic caramel and cheese mix! This was one thing I did not want to leave Chicago without getting! It truly is so yummy!

Then, if you thought we had to much food talk lets just move onto the next! We love us some Amorino's. I am still wondering why we do not have one in Nashville, but it truly is so amazing. I can thank my sister in law for the introduction to this gem while we were out of the country. I mean what is better than getting gelato in the shape of a flower?

Now whats a trip to Chicago without a trip to the bean. Now it being so cold, we all know we were not going to last long before I needed to get a coffee or get inside. So even though our trip to the bean was short, it was still worth it. Such a fun art piece that the state has.

This is the Sky Deck! I am all about adventure when we talk about it, but honestly I am a big ole chicken. I hate heights. I really get nervous in open air situation, but for some reason I was not as scared for this. It might be because I never actually looked down. Just looking at the picture though I get scared.

When in Chicago in the winter, you just have to embrace the cold. That is why we took to the ice for a little. I totally forgot how much muscle it takes to skate. As in skate, I mean roller skate. That was the only experience I have had skating. Let me just tell you the two are maybe 1 out of 5 similar but boy was it more scary + harder. It was fun even though I was a little bit scared for my life.

This trip was one for the books! We sure cherish the trips we get to go on and the experiences we have together. I'm grateful everyday for the fun we get to have together and with the others we love so much!

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