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He or She?

Let's reveal what God had chosen for our little babe to be! I could not wait to host a gender reveal party! Funny thing is, I had only gone to one gender reveal party before. A lot of our friends are still in the dating stage or just now getting married stage. So I took to Pinterest for ideas, and I came across so many that I got overwhelmed, so I just had to go with a pink and blue theme. When Garrett and I got married, our wedding colors were pink and blue. His favorite color is blue and mine is pink (how typical are we). We could not wait to find out what our little babe was going to be. Our cousins and a few other people I had met have waited till the hospital to find out what their little would be. I admire them all. I can only imagine how amazing that could be. Although my husband and I could not stand the anticipation, I love to hear and read about others journeys. So however you and yours feel.. here is our journey on finding out what our little was to be.

Throughout my pregnancy, I had not felt the best. I will be honest, my husband was in the kitchen way more than I was. This meant frozen pizza's, pasta, and soup was pretty much all we ate. I am so thankful for him, but not going to lie I was looking forward to cooking again once I could. That being said, I left it up to my favorites to provide food! First up goes to my mother-in-law, she really knows how to throw a party and how to feed a village! She brought lots of yumminess, along with some pretty awesome treats. The treats meant the most to me while I was pregnant with the little nugget . She made some super cute cake pops and yummy rice crispy treats!

Then there is no party without cookies from the Brown Eyed Baker. Jamie can always take my vision and make them into yummy treats! This year I had really been big on simple and easy. That is why I went with simple circle cookies in nonetheless blue and pink.

Then last treat of the party was our thank you gifts for people coming! We chose to do an edible thank you gift, because whats better than food? I reached out to Fluff, and asked for pink and blue cotton candy and she went above and beyond on them! Not only was it the tastiest, but it sure was loved by many of the guests that took some home with them!

Now for our main event was how we would tell our friends and family. Our plan was to have a pretty day, and be able to be outside and inside so our guest had plenty of space to hang about. Then, we would reveal the gender of our little with Garrett hitting a gender reveal golf ball in our green space out front. Mother nature had different plans. Her plans were to have it rain all day.. now when I say all day I really mean all day. So every good planner has a backup plan. Luckily my sister could not wait to find out what the nugget was that was going to make her an aunt. So she helped so much and was able to change things up and got the last minute change of idea for us! So our new plan was to buy blue and pink confetti and black balloons. They would fill three balloons with the confetti leaving the others empty. Two balloons would have the same color in them and that would mean that was the gender of our baby. (checkout our video at the very end)

Other little details were the beautiful balloon wall my friend Sarahbeth put together, napkins that we had made, and a couple of balloons we got from Vroom Vroom Balloon. Then we also had the sweetest book we got as a book for guests to sign and place their vote! Needless to say, we could not have had a successful reveal party without all the helping hands and wonderful people in our lives. Thank you to the 50ish people who came to celebrate with us in our small space! We felt overwhelmed by all the people we love and care for that would welcome this baby into the world! We feel so very blessed every day and thank God for everything and everyone in our lives!

So thank you thank you everyone and here is a little video so you find out too what baby Askew is!

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