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Oh Deer, It's That Time of Year

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

This Christmas we finally got to host in our own home! Can I get everyones hands raised for that?! No more packing everything up and moving it to another location, and no more late night clean up. I left It all out till the morning after! Best way to host and be present with your guests! Ok, so this year I did not have as much free time to plan as much as I would have liked, but some how it all still turned out great! I started with a theme, and this years theme was "Oh deer, It's that time of year." Then, this is literally all I did.

I called the Brown Eyed aker, and Harlan and Ruby, and said HELP. Jamie from the Brown Eyed Baker made me some deer cookies. She also is so amazing, and now makes macaroons. I had her make me some to give away as a little thank you gift.

Then, Harlan and Ruby took over my Photo Booth for me! I absolutely loved it! So easy. They put it all together for me, and then all I had to do was hang it up. As in hanging it up, I mean I stood back while Garrett, Mackenzie, and Brandon did the labor ( thanks guys)!

Then I made some finger foods and snacks!

Some things I made...

- The amazing Kim's bacon dip ( always a hit)

- Chocolate chip cookies

- Cheese board

- Sausage balls

- Hidden olives

Then I made the Christmas sangria!! <-- Click to find the recipe

That was it! It was amazing. I obviously had way more time to hang out with all my favorite people, and left little to no time before to get more pictures!

Well, Cheers to the next year!



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