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DIY Holiday Paper

The Christmas holiday has finally started. It's now ok for me to openly sing all the holiday songs I want, and openly show off my holiday decorations! Most years I feel I am on the ball with wrapping and shopping. This year I feel like I am falling behind. I feel like I still have so much shopping to do! I also, feel I say this every year and nothing seems to change. It's like I forgot that I did the same thing last year. I ,as you know by now, am a planner. I like to have everything done early so when I get down to it and I forget something, I don't have to stress about it. Well here I am weeks before Christmas and already stressing out, but this is still my most favorite holiday. I would not have it any other way. It sure makes it worth it once you get to see your love ones open the gift you got them and they love it! This brings me to this post. Wrapping paper! I love to craft if I have time to craft. I made time to do it this year with the wrapping paper! Here is what I did!

1. I went out and bought brown craft paper from the container store for a pretty good price! I also bought plain white . If you do not have a container store by you then try your local craft store and buy rolls of butcher paper!

2. This is the fun part! I took white acrylic and gold acrylic paint and put it in an old cup with just a couple drops of water to thin it out a little. Then I used a small brush to mix and then splatter all over the paper! I definitely let out some stress with this fun project.

3. That's It! Just let it dry and then you are done! Wrap up those gifts and enjoy the looks on your friends and family's faces when they hear you made your own wrapping paper!

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