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Getting RUDY at a Wedding Shower!

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

My very best longest time friend Tyler gets married this weekend, and it's only fitting to post her wonderful shower that myself and the rest of her gal pals put on! This shower was so much fun to plan and put together! I, personally, had never thrown a couples shower! What better way to start than for the couple of the year Tyler and John! When starting the planning, I knew I wanted to do something original. This led me to think outside of the box and try something unique. Tyler and John always have a good time no matter what the occasion, but I really wanted this one to stand out!

I worked hard with the Nesting Project to come up with a super fun and inviting invitation. This invitation was a fun way of incorporating both the bride and the groom that allowed guest to see the event as a fun and inviting atmosphere. Nesting Project never disappoints when helping me take an event to the next level! After the invitations went out, we all worked on providing fun things through out the shower.

One of those things were tattoo's by Love and Lion a local temporary tattoo business. I have wanted to work with them for a really long time, but have never had an event that seems to work for it. This was just the start. Together we made a hashtag tattoo that said #readytoRudy, and a circle with J + T. The circle with their letters in it was my focal point to the whole theme for the night. That leads me to talk about the next stand out part of the shower!

The next part is the cookies! Again, these cookies are made by the wonderful Jamie from the Brown Eyed Baker. She blows everything out of the park. These cookies were a great addition to the shower! I loved the simple circle cookies with the j + t theme. All the conversational cookies mixed with the wedding dates tied in very well. I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed them, and some even enjoyed them with their coffee in the morning!

We also made a Snapchat filter! Yes, that is right! Snapchat has an on demand option for a Snapchat filer! It was super easy to make, and was such a hit with all the Snapchatters! I loved how easy they made it for non-tec savvy people like me.

The square photos were also another fun addition to the shower! They were ordered from Social Print Studio. These were perfect for a picture banner that we hung, and also super fun just to lay out around the room for people to look and talk about!

I wanted to talk about the fun champagne tower! This brought the whole party together. John took that time to thank everyone for coming, and to talk about his lovely bride. The tower was so fun to watch and really started the party and conversations! I could not be more pleased with the way it turned out! Once again the venue we used was Cadence Cool Springs club house!

Lastly, the beautiful flowers were all bought from whole foods market. Julianne was a huge help to me when trying to figure out what flowers to buy and how to arrange them! I thought they all turned out beautiful and I truly had a blast putting them together.

This Wedding Shower was so much fun to plan and I really had such an amazing time putting it all together with the help of all the maids! I absolutely cannot wait to celebrate the marriage this weekend for two amazing people!

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