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Wyatt's First Birthday

So, funny story... but my mother's birthday is the same day as one of my nephews. We threw two parties at our house one night after another. It was the most exciting thing that has happened in a while and the most exhausting!

I'll start with my Mom's party, which was on their actual day of birth, a Thursday night. We fixed up the letter folk board letting my mom know that it was her party, and that we love her! My husband and I took a cooking class with a really close friend of mine Lindsay and her husband and family! It was a blast! We made this dish that I thought was so much fun. That Christmas I asked for a pasta maker so I could make my own pasta. That being said, I copied that whole entire dish for my Mom's birthday and oh boy did everyone love it, including myself! We kept the tradition of an ice cream cake for her birthday cake! I love love love Baskin Robbins ice-cream cake roll! They are what dreams are made of for sure! After we ate, we started prepping for Wyatt's birthday!

Another amazing Christmas gift I got was a Cricut and oh boy was that helpful when getting ready for Wyatt's party. I used the Cricut to cut triangles to make party hats to go on top of a picture I cut out of Wyatt's face. I use the Cricut to make a cake topper. I also used the Cricut to make a vinyl decal for the wall. The decal read "Wild Wyatt Turns One". I used some of the balloons leftover from the balloon banner I had made for the Christmas party. I used the tassels and added a silver "one" balloon from the bullseye playground. Wait... can we talk about that.... did you know that the target dollar section is called bullseye's playground? I just found this out and my mind is blown. I mean I knew it could not be the $1 bin area anymore bc most things are $3 or so, but wow I'm just so excited to know the real name of my favorite section in Target! Okay, lets get back on track! Wyatt's party.. right? After making everything I could with the Cricut, I then prepped the food list!

For New Years, we hosted a game and chill night and we had a taco bar. I was like my ideas are slim after the past few events so another taco bar is perfect! Who does not love a good taco bar.. am I right? Then I always feel for the first birthday you should always make their smash cake because most likely they are not going to really eat it anyways. It's more for the pictures! So, I bought the box cake and tried my best to make a mini kid cake for my nephew. Oh, I also used the Cricut to cut out a "one" shape. I used the "one" shape as a stencil to add sprinkles on the top. I also made some homemade animal crackers. Boy was that fun! I used a sugar cookie recipe and found mini animal cookie cutters on Amazon. Then I dyed some icing and covered them up!

I called up Vroom Vroom balloon up and got the best thing ever.. a giant balloon! This guy was a huge hit with the one year old! He only wanted to play with it the whole time and it was just the best! We also used the letter folk board and the light box to add a little more personalization to the party!

Another fun little touch, the cupcakes! I took different pictures of Wyatt throughout his first year, and cut them out to make little cupcake toppers! They were a huge hit! He is such a ham so lots of different expressions! I used the Cricut to make the triangle party hats, and just glued on a tiny pom on top! They were super easy and so fun!

The party was everything it was suppose to be! Lots of family and loved ones. Everyone laughed and had an amazing time celebrating the little guy! Your Auntie loves you so so much Wyatt, and I hope you grow up and become a one of a kind guy!

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