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Can't sit still!

Y'all know I try to live as simple as I can. Simple is a term I use to say I do things that are fun and fulfilling to myself and to my family. I want to live life to the fullest for myself not to what others feel is best, but what is best for myself and the others around me. It does not mean I don't go out of my way sometimes to make that happen or spend a little to much to also make that happen :)! It's simply just saying here is my life and I hope you can hop on my journey through life and we can help each other live a simple and fulfilling life!

Ok, done with my explanation of simple life! On to why my life is not so simple, but still fulfilling! My husband and I have finally decided to put roots down! We have been in the process of buying! Oh, this is why I have not blogged recipes and diy and pretty much fun everything but Fourks! Sorry!! If anyone has bought a house, I'm sure you know the challenges! If you have any advice feel free to help your girl out!

I will say I personally miss our small small apartment that overlooked the part of Franklin we lived in! It was in such a great location! I was right in the middle of everything.. all the shops, our families, and work! So thank you Cadence of Cool Springs!

As we transition to our new home, we are bunking up with some roommates.. they go by the name of my in-laws and younger but taller sister (we like to leave out the in-law part). As much as buying a house is decisions, (something I'm not good at) it's nice coming home knowing that I can relax a little more and enjoy company from family.

Ok, so this is why I have not been around that much lately, but I'm trying! Stay tuned to hear all about the process and how we have felt every step of the way!

Sweet sweet Paisley

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