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Our world is about to change forever!

Do you ever wakeup and think today is going to be a great day... or today is going to be way different than any other day? Sometimes you just have this gut feeling everything is about to change.. whether it's for the better (wicked!) or for the worse. Well, let me just tell you a story!

I was just waking up and I could tell the sun was already shining through the curtains. I was feeling pretty good, as for I got a goo

d night sleep. My husband and I were just talking like normal about our plan for the day, things we may expect when we get to work, and so on. We like to make sure we are on the same page before we even step out of bed :)! It makes life

easier.. most of the time! Then as any morning, Garrett heads downstairs to start making some coffee. I lay in bed for a little while longer! Then thats when I just knew something was different. Here is the BIG kicker.... I took a pregnancy test... why? .. I have no idea. I just thought maybe by chance. I just kind of laughed about it, because if you know anything about me. I am a big planner.. I love planning and knowing whats to come! We had a talk the night before just about how excited we were to gain another cousin that is so handsome. We love our little ones that surround us through our families. We had just talked about ONE DAY adding to that and how much fun that would be. I'm assuming thats why I took the test, had baby on the brain.. maybe.

Ok, I know you just want to know what happen next! So I got ready like normal, and then I went back to brush my teeth and the test was sitting there. I thought in my head I need to throw it away before Garrett see's it and says, "Oh gosh Trish, those cost money, don't just waste them." Then, I looked down and I saw not just one line but two. I then ripped the box open to make sure what that means. As to my surprise, that means pregnant! I mean... what in the world! I, as most can assume, started crying! Before I could even process what was going on, I had the test in my hand and was walking down stairs.

Downstairs where Garrett was just jamming out to the Greatest Showman soundtrack like he did most mornings! He could see something in my eyes that said something. He asked what I was doing... and I could not say a word. I just threw the test on the counter for him to look at. He immediately stopped what he was doing and stared at it and said "did you just do that." I then started balling crying! We stood in the kitchen for seems like forever just hugging and crying! We both were so so excited! As we pulled away we just could not stop smiling! God sure had his hand on us and let us know when he was ready!

Here is our video we made of us telling our families!

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