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Gift Guide for the Kitchen

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

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1) Sous Vide Cooker with Wi-FI - I am never good at cooking meat. I constantly check the temperature making sure I am cooking it long enough, and not too long. This guy will keep your meat at the temperature it needs to stay at. Then you take it out and sear it and enjoy!

2) The Art of the Bar Cart - I think Bar Carts are just another fun way to be creative and functional. This book is all things on how to have a beautiful bar cart set up.

3) Whiskey Glass - The men in my family love a good sipping whiskey and these fun glasses keeps it classy!

4) Whiskware Pancake Batter Mixer - Have you ever watched those pancake art videos? I am amazed everytime I watch them. This tool will not make me a pancake artist by any means, but this makes it so much easier and its only one thing to clean!

5) SMEG Espresso Coffee Machine - Coffee Coffee Coffee.. I love coffee, and this is the prettiest machine ever. It also froths your milk if you want.. what more could you ask for!

6) Tritone Side Plate - Pretty dessert/ side plates never get old to me. I love having mix matched plates. They just add a fun factor to your table scape.

7) Gold and Marble Pedestal Stand - Hosting parties is one of my favorite things to do. These are perfect for adding layers to your food display. I mean they are just so pretty…. Why not just get them!

8) French Salt Jar - Ive been looking for a good salt cellar. I love this one because it has a top for when its not in use.

9) Twister Wine Aerator - We like us some red wine, and for some reason we have never looked into buying something like this, but we have now and really want this guy! How fun does it look and what a better taste we will get after aerating.

10) Blush Bundt Pan - A simple bundt pan is a must. Not only is this bundt pan pink, it is also simple. I would use this to bake everything! Who doesn’t to love a good bundt cake.

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